Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hit Of The Week: June 23 - June 29, 2012

This week's, Hit of the Week, was on a ten dollar bill I used to pay my power bills a couple months ago. There is one lady that works at the place where I pay my power bill that fusses about my bills being stamped. I try not to go through her when I pay my power bill. The other people there do not fuss. I had gotten so good hits off the bills I use to pay my power bill. I have adjusted the way I stamp my bills I use to pay my power bill so if I have to go through the lady that fusses, she will not fuss about my bill. I only stamp that back of half the bills and still stamp both front and back of the other half. Doing this seems to have worked since she does not fuss now when I go through her. I have not seen her the last couple times I have gone in the payment place. Maybe I can go back to stamping my bills the way I normally do.

This hit is my first hit in Daytona Beach, Florida, my fourth hit in Volusia County, Florida, 54th hit for the State of Florida. I hope to get more hits is Florida since we have a lot of snow bird in this area. For those who do not know a snow bird is someone who lives in a northern state in the summer to avoid the heat of Florida and lives in Florida in the winter to avoid the cold and snow.

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