Wednesday, October 26, 2011

International Hit: South Africa

I love getting international hits. I got this hit today in South Africa. I wonder how it got all the way to South Africa after I used it to pay my rent. Maybe it will make it's way back to the United States.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hit On A 1963B Series Bill

I like entering older bills onto Where's George?, to see if they get good hits. This morning, I got a hit on a 1963B series bill that I entered in September of this year. I do not have many hits of the older bills I guess it is because there is so few of them. I only have two 1963B entered on Where's George? this hit gives me a 50 percent hit rate for 1963B series bills.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1000 George Score!

With my 1,121th hit yesterday, I finally made it to the 1000 George Score. Now I'm in the 1000 George Score Club.

You have entered 7,085 Bills worth $32,253
Bills with hits: 952 Total hits: 1,121
Hit rate: 13.44% Slugging Percentage: 15.82% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 1,000.04
Your rank (based on George Score) is #2,245
(out of 43,885 current users with a George Score. [94.88 Percentile])
Your State Rank in North Carolina is: 56 out of 4,145 [98.65]