Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hit #772

While the hits are coming in now. I just got Hit #772 this morning. This is my ninth hit in Rutherford County, North Carolina and my first hit in the city of Rutherfordton. This hit begins my George Score up to 956.14. I am excited to see where my next hit will be.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hit #771

I got Hit #771 on Martin Luther King Day. The hit is on a One, I entered earlier this month.

4th hit in 2009.
96th hit in Henderson County, North Carolina.
346th hit in the state of North Carolina.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hit #770

I was happy to get on my computer today after going shopping for supplies for the house and working outside in the cold to found that I got a hit today. Today's hit is Hit #770 which bring me up to 641 bills with hits. Here are some other facts about this hit.

My first hit on a 2006 bills.
My first hit on a bill I entered in 2009.
My second hit in Watauga County, North Carolina.
My second hit in Boone, North Carolina.
My third hit in 2009.
My second hit on a five in 2009.

This hit brings my George Score up to 955.43. Which makes my rank (based on George Score) #2,609 (out of 50,450 current users with a George Score. I now rank 66 out of 3,568 in North Carolina.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hit #769

Today I received Hit #769. It was a hit on a five dollar bill in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is my second hit from Fayetteville and third hit from Cumberland County.

This is only my second hit for the year 2009. I gotten a hit on a twenty and a five. Many Georgers say that twenties and fives do not get as many hits as ones. My hit rate on both are just under what my hit rate for ones are right now, as you can see below.

One 14.3%
Twenty 10.2%
Five 13.0%
Five (old style) 16.4%
Twenty (old style) 11.1%

I hope that this is one of many hits that I will get this years. I hope you will join the fun, if you have not already, at Where's George. Hey it is FREE!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Location Spotlight: Canton, New York

Hit #768 can from Canton, New York. Canton is located on the Grasse River between Adirondack foothills and the St. Lawrence River Valley. It is the county seat for Saint Lawrence County, New York. The population of Canton is 8,000 and grows up to 11,500 when the colleges students are in class.

St. Lawrence University and the State University College of Technology at Canton make their home there. St. Lawrence University is private liberal arts college founded in 1856. The State University College of Technology at Canton is a modern four and two-year state college founded 1906.

The first settlement in Canton has in 1800 by Daniel Harrington. The village incorporated on May 14, 1845. The first industries were lumbering and dairy farming. Canton's other largest employers other then the colleges are Kraft Foods and Corning Glass.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Hit of 2009

I got my first hit of 2009 today. Someone in Canton, New York entered a twenty dollar bill the I entered four years old today on Where's George?. Today's hit was the second hit on the bill. This hit is Hit #768 to me and it also brings my George Score for to 955.05. I will post some information about the location of my hit today tomorrow and I do some research. Learn about places that I get hits from in a another reason I enjoy Where's George?.

My rank (based on George Score) is #2,623 out of 50,610 current users with a George Score [94.8 Percentile]. My State Rank in North Carolina is: 65 out of 3,558 [98.2].

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 100th Wild

This morning as I was entering some bills that were in the cash drawer at work I notice that I hit someone else's bill. When you hit some else's bill that bill is called a wild. My 100th wild was first enter by Marty in Mobile, Alabama, 1 Year, 101 Days, 14 Hours, and 56 Minutes before I entered the bill. Marty is ranked fifth place in Alabama right now. This is also my fourth wild so far in 2009.

I am still waiting for my first hit in 2009. I looked to see how many hits I got from bills that I hit. Nineteen of my wilds have gotten hits after I hit them with the total of 22 hits. So that is a 19% hit rate and 22% slugging rate. That is better then my rate on bill as a whole at this time, but I have recently entered a lot of bills so my hit rate has went down a great deal. I am sure that soon I will be receiving hits on the bills that I have recently entered.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I Got Started

I first read about Where's George? in the Times-News. I thought it was interesting being able to track where the money in my pocket goes next. So, I decided to check the web site out. I entered my First Bill on November 14, 1999. I have yet to get a hit on that bill. Most likely since it was a five and I handwritten the website on it I will not get a hit on it. Even if it is still out there somewhere. While on January 18, 2000, I got my first hit, two months and four days after I entered my first bill. Just for a little fun the bill I entered closes to my first bill that received a hit was the eleventh bill. I entered it on November 16, 1999 my third day Georging. It was hit on May 28, 2000 becoming my 38th hit. That is 193 Days, 18 Hours, and 24 Minutes after I entered it. If you are still waiting for your first hit continue entering bills and the hits will come.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Welcome to my new Blog. I wanted to start a Blog on my favorite hobby of tacking my money with Where's George. I set this Blog up this morning and of course this is my first post to the Blog. I started georging, as we Georgers call it on November 14,1999.

I guess to best place to start is with my stats at the end of 2008.

This Report is current as of: Jan-01-09 12:02 AM
I have entered 4,419 Bills worth $21,519
Bills with hits: 639 Total hits: 767
Hit rate: 14.46% Slugging Percentage: 17.36% (total hits/total bills)
George Score: 954.10
My rank (based on George Score) is #2,552
(out of 50,369 current users with a George Score. [94.9 Percentile])
My State Rank in North Carolina is: 65 out of 3,551 [98.2]
My initial entries with hits have traveled a total of 172,027 miles.
They have averaged 237.1 miles per hit and 208.58 days between each hit.

Now, I will post when I get a hit, enter a wild, updates on my stats, or anything else that is Where's George related. In saying that This morning while entering bills at work, I can across three wilds. Wilds are bills that another Georger as already entered. These three bring my wilds entered up to 99 and they are not counted in the stats above. Here they are:

Wild #97
Wild #98
Wild #99

Please take the time to check out Where's George if you have not already. If you are a follow Georger with a Where's George Blog let me know about it and I will add it to my Blog Roll.