Friday, July 3, 2009

Lunch at Mike's Chuckwagon

Today I eat lunch at Mike's Chuckwagon at Green's Six Oaks in Tuxedo, North Carolina. The cheeseburger I got there was good. I paid with some stamped bills. I saw a customer after we get the some of bills that used to pay for my lunch. Mike's Chuckwagon needed change so he sold the bills back to them. At first, I did not like to see that happen but then I thought about the construction workers and the summer camps in the area. The guy selling the bills back just increase the bills going to other places in this great country. Of course, tomorrow Mike's Chuckwagon and Green's Six Oaks are having a Fourth of July party ending with fireworks. I plan on being there with some stamped bills to spread around. I hope to get some good hits off the bills I spend over this weekend.

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