Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stat Update For End of January 2009

January was a good month for my Georging. I got 7 hits and entered 403 bills which increase my George Score by 2.41. I moved up in rank by 42 places in the whole site standing. I only moved up one place in the state of North Carolina.

In February, with me entering more of bills and as they get out and about I hope to see a increase in hits. With my upcoming trip to the Philippines I hope to get a few international hits. My rank increase in February will rely more of the number of hits I get since I not going to be able to enter many bills for the last half of February due to my trip.

This Report is current as of: Feb-01-09 12:05 AM
I have entered 4,822 Bills worth $22,737
I have 645 bills with hits.
I have 774 total hits.
My hit rate is 13.38%.
My Slugging Percentage: 16.05% (total hits/total bills).
My George Score is 956.51.
My rank (based on George Score) is #2,510 (out of 50,226 current users with a George Score. [95.0 Percentile])
My State Rank in North Carolina is 64 out of 3,582 [98.2]
My initial entries with hits have traveled a total of 173,344 miles.
They have averaged 236.3 miles per hit and 207.97 days between each hit.