Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 100th Wild

This morning as I was entering some bills that were in the cash drawer at work I notice that I hit someone else's bill. When you hit some else's bill that bill is called a wild. My 100th wild was first enter by Marty in Mobile, Alabama, 1 Year, 101 Days, 14 Hours, and 56 Minutes before I entered the bill. Marty is ranked fifth place in Alabama right now. This is also my fourth wild so far in 2009.

I am still waiting for my first hit in 2009. I looked to see how many hits I got from bills that I hit. Nineteen of my wilds have gotten hits after I hit them with the total of 22 hits. So that is a 19% hit rate and 22% slugging rate. That is better then my rate on bill as a whole at this time, but I have recently entered a lot of bills so my hit rate has went down a great deal. I am sure that soon I will be receiving hits on the bills that I have recently entered.

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