Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How I Got Started

I first read about Where's George? in the Times-News. I thought it was interesting being able to track where the money in my pocket goes next. So, I decided to check the web site out. I entered my First Bill on November 14, 1999. I have yet to get a hit on that bill. Most likely since it was a five and I handwritten the website on it I will not get a hit on it. Even if it is still out there somewhere. While on January 18, 2000, I got my first hit, two months and four days after I entered my first bill. Just for a little fun the bill I entered closes to my first bill that received a hit was the eleventh bill. I entered it on November 16, 1999 my third day Georging. It was hit on May 28, 2000 becoming my 38th hit. That is 193 Days, 18 Hours, and 24 Minutes after I entered it. If you are still waiting for your first hit continue entering bills and the hits will come.

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