Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hit #770

I was happy to get on my computer today after going shopping for supplies for the house and working outside in the cold to found that I got a hit today. Today's hit is Hit #770 which bring me up to 641 bills with hits. Here are some other facts about this hit.

My first hit on a 2006 bills.
My first hit on a bill I entered in 2009.
My second hit in Watauga County, North Carolina.
My second hit in Boone, North Carolina.
My third hit in 2009.
My second hit on a five in 2009.

This hit brings my George Score up to 955.43. Which makes my rank (based on George Score) #2,609 (out of 50,450 current users with a George Score. I now rank 66 out of 3,568 in North Carolina.

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